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Our Favorite Sins was actually a pretty impressive understanding of desires, temptations, and sins. Todd Hunter makes the case for how temptations and desires work to produce sin within us. To begin with Todd explains that the fact that we sin is based in our disordered desires Todd states,

We live in a posture of misalignment with the purposes of God for humanity.

This is crucial for understanding Todd thesis in regards to disordered desires. This line of thinking flows into the concept of sin being based in these disordered desires. Todd continues this by saying

Sin and temptation are powerless without my desires.

The fact that sin is prevalent and temptations truly rock us is that within us we have disordered desires that give power to these. This leads us to ask the question how do correct these disordered desires. Todd says so plainly,

the only way out of the mess of our disordered desires is to reorient and realign our whole lives around God and what he is up to on earth.

This is perfect statement but when he moves to application of this principle he abandons his mentality of pairing with God’s work on earth. He states that through liturgy and schedule use of ancient practices we can overcome temptation, but make no mention of how building the kingdom is the unifying measure that connects to God’s current agenda.
The contention that I have with his understanding of overcoming temptation is that it seems like an individual task and an individual journey. This completely ignores the communal aspect of the new testament and how God desires to interact with us primarily as a communal body called the church. Overall the book outlined the behind the curtains aspect of temptation and sin, but did not follow through with practical application for change based on its individualistic perspective.


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