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Yes Man



   This is a movie that I longed to watch while reading this book, and I think the reason I wanted to was because I think that Mike Glenn stole this metaphor and placed it within the biblical framework. I was somewhat let down when it came to the overall nature of the book. To start with the book cover art looks like something out of my loving mothers scripturally inspirational, nautically themed, bathroom. Second, while Glenn had good content his writing voice was not something that inspired or enthralled me in my reading. 

      The reason why this book was not incredible was because the central theme of the book revolved around a metaphor that was not strong to begin with. Part of the reason the metaphor was not strong was because it was confusing. Some quotes that allude to the sometimes confusing nature are as follows, 

“Upon first hearing this idea, you might think that finding and living in your ‘yes’ would be limiting even constricting.” (p.6)


“Once you find the ‘yes’ of God you discover it is the very thing you would have wanted if only you had been smart enough to ask.” (p.7)

   This metaphor while in theory is suppose to rally the reader around the understanding perspective structure’s behavior the metaphor seemed to cliche and confusing to grip the reader into this new fastidious approach to the christian life. I do appreciate literature that attempts to cause the reader to analyze their thoughts and perspective of God and understand that that effects how they live down to the tiniest relationships. I give the book a 2 out of 5. 


This book was given to me in order to review this content of Blogging for Books. 



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This book is a book that sets out to divulge from the common book dynamics and structure itself around conversation. Instead of giving an authoritative instruction for how to live a doctrinally specific route this book sets out to guide the reader through the journey of following Jesus.
One thing that I admired from reading this book is that two men younger and older found commonality, and differences yet, classify each other as part of the same way, a third way. This way is one that is not based in air tight doctrinal agreeances, but a honest pursuit to follow King Jesus in the wake of his kingdom birthing into this here and now. At first one might ask why that is admirable, and I believe it is because for someone to follow Jesus and have systematized bullet points for everything under the sun is disingenuous to Jesus himself. The reason is Jesus did not speak specifically on how do deal with everything in life point by point. Jesus gave principles and gave a picture of what his Kingdom looks like. This means that those who follow Jesus must do the hard work to see exactly how that plays out in areas all across the board. Shane and Tony set up the book in a topical basis in order to shed light on how a third way, Jesus follower approaches, handles, and discusses any litany of topics. This third way is a classification that I placed on the category that Shane and Tony have been apart of. This category is being considered a red letter christian; which plainly means following Jesus’ specific words, understanding them, and living them.
I believe that this book was a well thought out thesis of joining the cause to be a red letter christian and understanding how one would think, and address the many heated topics one can come across. I would highly recommend this book with anyone willing and looking for something different then the mainstream version of Christianity that many of us are used to.

This book was given to me by Book Sneeze in exchange for crafting a review.

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